This is my Why

Dolly Sods Wilderness, Davis West Virginia
shooting star over the northern spruce bog in Dolly Sods Wilderness area.

I love places; bogs, meadows, river basins, deserts, and mountain tops, they are all part of who I am.  I don’t love that humans abuse the Earth through their lack of understanding of our interdependent relationship with the natural world. So, I asked myself “what can I do”; I can write, I have some camera gear, knowledge of ecosystems, and a contagious passion for the natural world. How can I use these tools to inspire in others, an embodied commitment to stewardship?

Now I have embarked upon the journey of using visual storytelling for Rewilding the human imagination and to re-establish our sense of place and connection in this world.

What is your why? I would love to learn about it.

Photo Caption: This wilderness area was an ancient red spruce forest and then in the early 1900’s it was stripped clear down to its bedrock.  The entire biological history was erased by humans in less than a decade.  Then 20 years later it was adopted by an inspired organization who had a crazy vision of restoring this place to its natural state.  The work continues but it serves a gracious model of resilience and the human capacity to change.

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